Never meet a stranger again.

From online to in person, you’re no longer alone. Thanks to technology, our circles are ever expanding and our neighbors can be anyone. BEVscore lets you navigate this new world recreating the relative safety of previous generations, where you can make a decision based on someone’s reputation and real-world behavior.

1. Securely Connect

Share your BEVid with whom you intend to meet. You’ll get a chance to screen them, evaluate their reputation and your communication is kept secure.

2. Schedule A Meetup

Once you’ve determined to meet someone, send him or her a secure message through the app! Your personal information is kept private throughout the entire process.

3. Meet with Peace of Mind

Once the agreed upon meeting time draws near, BEVscore will begin tracking both parties until your meeting is concluded and BEVscore is deactivated on both phones.

Built For Security

Take the danger out of dating.

The media is replete with tips on how to stay safe while engaging in online dating, but you shouldn't need to risk your life to meet someone online. BEVscore's multi-point scoring and screening algorithm takes the gamble out of dating, allowing you to intelligently assess a new person's trustworthiness. Even after the initial screening process, BEVscore's systems continue to watch over both parties during their time together, and are equipped to alert loved ones should something go awry.

In real estate, BEVscore works for both the buyer and seller.

While BEVscore's utility applies across many genres, it's birthplace is in the real estate industry. The need to both protect realtors and save buyers time and money was the inspiration behind nearly all of the security features within BEVscore. From the female realtor who is might be fearful of showing properties alone, to the tenant searching for an apartment tired of paying for yet another background check to prove themselves worthy candidate, BEVscore provides an easy solution. A BEVscore user will go straight from talking to a realtor to looking at a property without ever having to stop at the realtors office first, and will be able explore unfamiliar neighborhoods in the city with peace of mind that who they're meeting is reputable.