About BEVscore

Beverly Carter and FamilyThe Tragedy of Beverly Carter is the inspiration for BEVscore

When a realtor was kidnapped and ultimately murdered, it left a family and a city devastated. Then a law student, Joshua Stramiello began to study and evaluate the safety conditions realtors were subjecting themselves to and decided that the standards were not good enough.

Stramiello subsequently recruited a team of true believers, who competed with the concept of BEVscore at a North Dallas startup weekend in July of 2015, bringing the idea to life. Beating out over 100 ideas at the competition, BEVscore started to rally people to it’s cause.

Since winning the competition in July, BEVscore has had more than 30 people come together to help bring it from design into reality. The family of slain realtor Beverly Carter has joined with BEVscore to make sure that her death serves a greater purpose.

BEVscore is the first safety app that shifts the burden of safety away from victim tracking to comprehensive prevention. By tracking both phones before strangers meet, we are able to analyze and screen information that is previously unavailable in the personal safety industry. BEVscore is the first behavior verification system for meeting a stranger face to face. Technology has done an increasingly efficient job of bringing us together, now it’s BEVscore’s job to keep us safe during those meetings.